South Africa. Shipping costs, rate of exchange, custom charges are just 3 things that make it just ‘not a good deal’. See my comment on this site by Peartree. I was an E6 guy for years, but something about the e12’s isn’t right for me and Ive been wandering since (also missed 60% of last summer with an injury).

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Your Tier 3 balls are the $24-$26/dozen ionomer balls with some firmness and some spin tech built-in, while Tier 4 balls are you basic, soft, 2-piece ionomer balls in the $20/dozen range. I don't know if this would meaningfully affect the performance. I'm fairly competitive, but it's competition me vs the course. How was the trajectory in comparison to the other Srixon tour balls? Tour-level balls – and you know which ones they are – are clearly Tier-1. “Those are the same technologies as used on our Z-STAR Tour-level balls,” says Schielke.

i must be crazy but i tried the ad333's a handful of times and hated them. Yep, I’m retired! Matt lives in sunny Orlando with his wife who allows his golf obsession to stretch the limits of normalcy. Granted they were last years model but I was able to get them at $24 a dozen and purchased several dozen. If I blind-folded you and handed you one, I really doubt that you're going to hit it and then say "Oh, that was a Q-Star!".

No Guesswork. I've played a couple dozen of each, they are both great balls for the money. They went about the same distance, spun about the same, felt about the same, sounded about the same. My overall point is that people who choose to play this particular ball can utilize the sales that are currently going on to stock up on it. Pedestrian Furyk lookin' swing these days. I like all three balls, but, as you say, the ad333 is the best deal. I don't have the balls in front of me to check for sure, but I believe the ad333 has 333 dimples. Advanced Golf Analytics matches the perfect clubs to your exact swing using connected data and machine learning. I only play shorter usually when playing with my dad or a beginner friend. Thanks for the review. Petrocelli, February 20, 2019 However, they are going to be replaced. While I'm a Srixon fan, I'm not spending an additional $5 per dozen until I see some evidence of value for my additional cash.

A great combo of low spin off irons and the driver plus super soft feel and tons of spin with the scoring clubs. The resident professional at our local course also tried both and said for the difference in cost, it is not worth it other than to pull out the shiny new box and show off the Q-Star in the club house. I have already bought my supply of balls for the season, I opted for the lower spinning ZStar XV.

I wouldn't mind if they presented some proof that they were superior , but as you stated, all they give a golfer is marketing fluff on the box.

At 42 cents more per ball they are def worth the money for extra spin and softness.

I try hard on every single shot, but like to talk and laugh between shots, and regardless of how I play, once it's over, it's over. Srixon also employs a 338 dimple pattern dubbed Speed, which creates lift while promoting a penetrating ball flight. You can order them direct from Srixon on their website. "Generally" the same quality, twice the quantity - why not? This is me. I wasn’t surprised that the Q-Star Tour’s short game performance matched the Z-Star when I learned they share the same cover material technology – Spin Skin with SeRM. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, (your email address will not be published), Wilson Staff D9 Driver Hits USGA Conforming List, Sub 70 Golf, Jason Hiland and The World Wide Web. I keep Z-Stars to use - as I keep TP5s, TP5xs, Bridgestone Tour B XS and Tour B RXs. Srixon leapfrogged Bridgestone into 4th place in units-sold ball market last year for about a month, thanks to a BOGO promotion on the Z-STAR line. the DTC balls charge for shipping unless you buy a certain amount. I remember Sam and Harry mentioning that Srixon occasionally recommended QStar Tour players with high swing speed/high spin. “SeRM is ultra-elastic for more greenside spin and control,” says Schielke.

The most recent Z-STAR has a compression of 90, while the Z-STAR XV comes in at 102.

The new FastLayer Core and SeRM coating are adding to Q-STAR Tour’s price – a $3/dozen increase from $29.99 to $32.99. 25 rounds with any ball before showing wear is impressive Randy.

Your test literally showed that the Snell ball produces the highest standard deviations (read: least accurate). They definately feel more soft and I personally got them to stop quicker than the ad333. How would you compare this ball to the Bridgestone XRS or Pro V1? I found the Q Star Tour to have a lower trajectory than the Z Star. misterjohn, September 18, 2011 in Balls, Carts/Bags, Apparel, Gear, Etc.

Not to mention the 6 dz Santa dropped off.

I’ve sat at my desk, with a dozen in the cart, hovering over the “buy now” button, but cant pull the trigger, Enough about my peccadillos, I just find it odd that the freight charge never gets mentioned when DTC balls are discussed here, even when said freight charge basically removes the selling point the DTC ball has over the Tier 1 ball, As far as these go, Ill likely give them a run. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. My point was if the 6500 tees are sloped 140 or higher, I’d play a shorter set of tees despite it being a comfortable because the slope is the deciding factor rather than the yardage, I chose slope.

because eventually you will not have a choice - it will be Q-star or find another ball. To me the two covers are very similar--they are similarly soft and scuff rather easily (don't hit any cart paths on the fly!). By I'm a serious golfer...BUT...I LUV the trash talk with the boys and getting to their heads when they act like a bunch of babies or having meltdowns when they aren't playing well...I'm pretty good at not getting fazed out when one of the tools I often play with says stupid things when I'm at address. Is this just a brand refresh on Srixon's part, or are there really substantive differences between the q star and the AD333? Im a cheapskate. Matt,

I think q star is a marketing strategy on Srixon's part rather than a true technological advance.

Srixon describes the feel of the Q-Star Tour as “ultra soft” and I completely agree in the short game arena. Srixon – and other ball makers, for that matter – get there through a combination of rubber chemistry along with time, temperature, and pressure variations during the baking process. Thanks for the review Matt. Spin is marginal but the feel is fantastic.

I recommend asking Srixon via their website or social media.

This would be the same concept as someone actually trying to tell you that they can easily and quickly tell the difference between a prior generation Pro V1x and a 2011 Pro V1x by performance/feel. This article reminded me of the opportunity which exists in the Tier 2 ball category for the right manufacturer (not the DTC vertical), thinking back to Bridgestone’s discounting of their top-line balls from $44.99 to $34..99 at the end of 2019.

Around the green, the Srixon Q-Star Tour is indistinguishable from tour level balls in terms of performance. Unbiased. Ive tried talking to playing partners about getting together and everyone buying a dozen, but dont get much interest.

As someone unwilling to pay the prices for Tier 1 balls, I found the ball to be a happy compromise of what I wanted and what I could afford. I play over 150 rds a year (218 this past yr) so you might be surprised how quickly a cart path and the odd lake can add up in golf ball requirements. It’s not true.

Very seriously, but very relaxed, if that makes any sense? Ball flight was piercing with mid trajectory and generous run out – especially with the driver. The Q Star and Q Star Tour both feature urethane covers which will like show wear more quickly than the Soft Feel. Any review of golf balls should come with a cross section. For A$1.20 per ball around Xmas 2013, I can't fault these balls.   You cannot paste images directly. As part of my little experiment, I picked up some q stars to run head to head versus the ad333s. I don’t have that answer for you. There is one, but only one, difference between the back of the box descriptions of the two balls: the number of dimples. Has anyone done a side by side test? Off the putter the sound is a soft ‘tawck’ – like a slower, southern pronunciation of ‘tock’. And it may not seem like a big deal, but Srixon is adding a bold alignment side-stamping to the Q-STAR Tour.

Like I said, it’s a weird category. Agreed - If none of the tees are sloped over 140, I’d prefer to play tees around 63-6500. I experienced the Q Star Tour to be noticeably higher on the driver and irons compared to most tour balls.

I have played previous iterations of the Q-Star Tour and generally been happy with its performance. That said the q-star performs well for me and I carry it 278 a lot of that is due to my new CG Black driver get one you will be amazed Im 30 yards longer just carry Im 53 . I generally get more than 25 rounds with the soft feel before the cover shows signs of wear, usually, a tear or cut. Well, Srixon certainly is a major brand, but its Q-STAR Tour line of balls is in that nether-region between Tour-level balls and your garden variety 2- or 3-piece ionomer ball. I created that word in an attempt to distinguish the Q-Star Tour from the 2019 Z-Star (review HERE), which is a tad bit firmer. the ad333 felt too light and clicky off my putter. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and not only will you get the latest reviews, instruction, and more delivered directly to your inbox, you’ll also be entered into regular giveaways for golf clubs, PGA Tour passes, and more.

How much are the Q STAR Tour per dozen, shipped to : Display as a link instead, ×

They’re range balls.

While Direct-To-Consumer is growing, the fact remains most golf balls are sold by the major brands, either at retail or online – it’s a comfort-level thing as much as anything else. If there isn’t a tee option in my ideal range I sometimes mix tees to get into my range. Think of that scenario when you're comparing these balls in such a way. Like its Japanese itoko Bridgestone, Srixon leverages its homegrown rubber engineering juice to develop new core technology. × You would think that with all the cheerleading for the q star, there would be more response to a simple request for a comparison to the ball it is replacing---the obvious closets substitute. Around the green, the Q-Star Tour retains that soft feel that invokes the sensation of touch.

It was a step up in all aspects of my game. For golfers who utilize a line on their ball to aid in alignment, the 2020 Q-Star Tour features a thick black side stamp as shown below. Welcome to TST!

You, and rightly so, asked the obvious question. The Q-Star has about 344, if I'm remembering correctly.

It's cheaper for the moment and if you end up liking it, you can transition to the q star once ad333 is no more and still enjoy the same level of happiness (albeit at a higher price point).

“We’ve been engineering top-performing golf balls since 1930 (under the Dunlop brand at that time), with a focus on getting better each generation,” he says.

By the way, the descriptions of these two balls is pretty close to how Bridgestone describes the e5, their soft, two-piece spin ball.

Still, the clock on the wall says it’s time to update the Q-STAR Tour – an interesting ball in a weird category. It’s Tier 2 that’s a bit weird. I've already got several dozen of the AD-333 stocked up from the 2 for $25.00 sale.


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