[80], On January 11, 2014, after becoming a four-man group, KAT-TUN became guests for a special program titled KAT-TUN Sekaiichi Tame ni Naru Tabi where they traveled to Okinawa (for two episodes), Aomori, Hokkaido and Kumamoto. On September 8, 2011, it was confirmed that KAT-TUN would host a new TV show titled KAT-TUN no Zettai Manetaku Naru TV, their first show since Cartoon KAT-TUN ended in March 2010. [79], KAT-TUN then also had a one-off TV special titled KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Dame Yoru Ni which was aired on the night of January 1, 2012 on TBS. EXPOSE 08. The tour started in Niigata and will end in Sendai. [35][36][37][38][39] "Ultimate Wheels" became their 14th straight No.1 single since their debut. On August 26–27, 2006 KAT-TUN members were the main personality supporters for the NTV telethon 24 Hour Television: Love Saves the Earth charity program. 4U 08. (お客様は神サマーConcert 55万人愛のリクエストに応えて!! On May 18, KAT-TUN's 15th single, "White", was released with "Perfect" as its coupling song. The release consisted of three versions: Limited Edition w/DVD, Regular Edition (First Press) and a Regular Edition.

Buy Mp3 Music Online / Kat-Tun / Chain. together, until the show ended on September 30, 2007.

Harukana Yakusoku 02. KAT-TUN will become the fourth Johnny group to be able to conquer the 5 big domes in Japan after SMAP, KinKi Kids and Arashi. LIPS 7. Vui lòng trở lại vào ngày mai. [20], On March 24, Johnny & Associates announced that KAT-TUN would go on their first Asia concert tour as a five-member group while Akanishi held his own solo concerts in the United States, making him the first Johnny's artist to perform solo in the United States. [67][68] A compilation album entitled "KAT-TUN 10th Anniversary BEST 10Ks" and a 3-Dome Tour entitled "KAT-TUN 10th Anniversary LIVE TOUR 10Ks" were announced by the three remaining members through their official website.
This tour covered 12 cities, including Sendai.

[15] The single topped at number one on the Oricon charts.[16]. Genres The 2012 shows for the musical began in September, and once again Kamenashi reprised his role as the lead for the musical. Within the first week, Best of KAT-TUN, "Real Face" and Real Face Film topped all three Oricon weekly charts by selling 556,548 copies, 754,234 copies and 374,202 copies respectively. Mọi góp ý và thắc mắc, vui lòng liên hệ tại đây! https://videa.hu/videok/zene/kat-tun-birth-2YtqtuKsfvkZDVHX Because our MP3s have no DRM, you can play it on any device that supports MP3, even on your iPod! Download Birth mp3 Mp3, best quality, 3.9 Mb. KAT-TUN, trang thông tin chính thức về nhạc KAT-TUN, ... Zing MP3 vô cùng xin lỗi bạn vì sự cố đăng nhập xảy ra cách đây vài ngày đã ảnh hưởng đến trải nghiệm nghe nhạc của bạn trên website Zing MP3. After the performance, the group also announced that concert dates had been decided, which would be happening on April 20–22, 2018. The first episode aired on April 17, 2015 and lasted until the 42nd episode on March 25, 2016. YOUたち! Liên kết tài khoản Zalo giúp tăng tính bảo mật và dễ dàng quản lý tài sản. It was considered remarkable for a Johnny's group which had not yet officially debuted to be able to hold its own concerts. On October 13, KAT-TUN announced the release of their new single, "Change Ur World", which was KAT-TUN's 13th single and the first single after Akanishi's official departure, was released on November 17. Privacy Policy, Artists: 236876 Because our MP3s have no DRM, you can play it on any device that supports MP3, even on your iPod! Terms and Conditions is a Japanese boy band formed by Johnny & Associates (Johnny's) in 2001. [13] KAT-TUN took the annual number one position on the Oricon musical DVD charts for the third time in a row with the release. 喜びの歌 "yorokobi no uta" 5. ", "KAT-TUN's Jin Akanishi takes break from KAT-TUN; goes to America for English studies", Tokyograph: KAT-TUN sets 2007 record, L'Arc returns to top, "KAT-TUN takes over Tokyo Dome for a week", "Kazuya Kamenashi gets lead role in new TBS winter drama for 2010", "KAT-TUN's 11th consecutive number one single", "KAT-TUN tops the Oricon weekly charts with their 11th consecutive number one single", "Jin Akanishi to go to L.A while the rest of the members go on an Asia Tour", "Jin Akanishi aims for simultaneous release in U.S., Japan", "Change Ur World Information Page, Japan", "KAT-TUN -NO MORE PAIИ- WORLD TOUR 2010 DVD Information, Japan", "Johnny's Charity Baseball Tournament Information, Japan", "Zettai Manetakunaru TV air for 10 episodes", "KAT-TUNのテレビCMとオリジナルアニメが限定配信 モバイルゲームサイト"entag!

Limited Edition 1: ♪ Disc 1: 2006-2010 1. The group's name is an acronym that was exclusively based on the first letter of each member's family name until the departure of Jin Akanishi in 2010. They performed to 110,000 people over two days and about 630,000 people in total during the tour. New Releases Another Johnny's group NEWS then replaced them as the hosts of the show.[82][83].

Birth Import KAT-TUN Format: Audio CD. On November 21, they simultaneously released their fifth single, "Keep the Faith", as the theme song to members Akanishi and Taguchi's drama, Yukan Club, and the DVD to their Tokyo Dome Live of KAT-TUN "Real Face" concert. Hiện sự cố đã được khắc phục và bạn đã có thể sử dụng Zing MP3 bình thường. THE D-MOTION 12. It was soon followed by another special episode on April 3, 2012. Among the groups in Top 20, KAT-TUN is apparently the newest group on the list. [57], "Expose" sold 155,000 copies in the first weeks. [23] Due to the political unrest in Thailand, Johnny & Associates announced on May 15 that KAT-TUN's concert in Bangkok would be indefinitely postponed. [18] The single, "Love Yourself (Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki)", debuted at number one on the Oricon weekly singles chart, resulting in KAT-TUN's eleventh consecutive number one single since their debut. [1] On July 21, Akanishi himself confirmed through the official Johnny's mobile site, Johnny's Web, that he would leave KAT-TUN to focus on his solo career,[26] although he had not appeared on any event to his fans until October.[27]. The first part of the project started as an event held from April 1 through April 3.

In Fact debuted at the number one spot top the Oricon weekly single chart, selling over 146,000 copies in its first week of release. 僕らの街で "bokura no machi de" 4.


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