9. Click Yes, scroll downwards and add WMMT5. I somehow managed to get hold of a copy of Outrun 2 where all the music had been replaced with just the worst "music" known to humanity. choo choo-----Changes in TeknoParrot 0.8 Public Build: - Includes all Patreon changes. Note: I have provided a .zip archive for TP (TeknoParrot) here: https://mega.nz/#!TzZFSKZZ!D07r8o9Lz7coe_4cmpgpTFB0qSRKrAHJmaNcPAGKPCI  which I have updated to all the latest modules as of today.

Anyway, I got battle pod up and running but it's running slow full screen. I have included 4 fix files here, which can be used to extract a new Jennifer file, which will have a different name. Point browser at https://teknoparrot.com/ and then click on Downloads tab, then click on the link Click here to download version now! So far I've only gotten hold of Sega Rally 3, but it crashes out with an 'Out of memory for tex' issue. I'm super interested in running Mario Kart, Batman and especially Battle Pod (the cabinet is Star Wars themed). This is possibly due to your system using Integrated graphics by default. This then leaves the final update to do, TeknoParrot Unknown to, which takes a short while. And wow, Outrun 2 is glorious! By

My PC specs: i5-4250U 4GB RAM Intel HD5000 Win10 x64 1607. through archive.org) as a lot of the games are recent-ish and will still be out in the wild. :). Just to add I have used GameLoader from emuline and still no joy, are the roms available from the usual places. It confuses the hell out of the Initial D series games configuration and TeknoParrot. For every game that did work, 2 wouldn't. Use Bluetooth to Connect a Wii Remote to a PC. These loaders cover a wide variety of machines though so there is no one spec that is good enough. Look out for it ! Next, Click on Game Settings. nothing to configure - works with xbox360 controller and keyboard !!!!

Any ideas what I need to do to fix this? “Xbox 360 Controller Emulator” allows your controller ( gamepad, joystick, wheel, etc. ) Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity / How to Play on Pc Guide with Teknoparrot Emulator *Turn on CC for subtitles. Rambo was the same for me - I swapped the game exe to a different one - Here are my settings - I think I had it set to RamboR.elf to start with. I will add a guide on how to add rumble to your controller later. 3/ Had trouble setting up controller (wired xbox one pad, also wireless keyboard). It's not very intuitive! Adding new features to the games (that were not in the original game) takes time and we do it in our spare time as our hobby. Locate Outrun 2 SP DX in the list of games and then click Add Game. If you prefer you can download this version which will allow you to skip most of the steps below and just extract to a permanent location as per step 4. Please do download all the updates before proceeding. They ran smooth at 75+ frames at 1080 so I can tell you now that they aren't very demanding. 2/ Extracting the Outrun file, can take quite a while, about 15-20 minutes for me. Maybe just the thing to get me back into some retro gaming. You may need to restart TeknoParrot after updating. Download WMMT 5 Resolution Patch and extract it into your WMMT5 dump. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. i have a 1600x and gtx 1060 6GB, runs perfect. Who does things like that? For example, Chase HQ 2 ran extremely slowly, but as soon as you press start the game itself plays at full speed.

I have recently been working with it a fair bit, and have got one of my all time favourites, Outrun 2 SP DX running (along with Sega Rally 3 and Daytona 3). If the Terminal crashes after selecting your WMMT5 directory or on start, delete all the videos inside “Video” folder. - The code was assimilated to TeknoParrot very fast so expect bugs! I need to set wheel axis to the left joystick.

There are also arcade loaders out there that work as standalone environments. A window will popup which allows you to select your screen resolution (Mine is 2560x1080). Otherwise it could be you get a 169.254.x.x IP adress. This is incredible! I saw a pack for this the other day that clocked in at 289GB. The executable file for OR2 is known as an elf file, and it's location is /disk0/Jennifer/Jennifer   (no it doesn't have an .exe extension). And after so many years thanks to the teknoparrot project, you can run dump titles of the Sega Europe-R, RingWide, RingEdge, RingEdge 2, Namco ES3X, Sega Lingbergh, eX-Board on computer, this program or system manages to execute the titles in the windows system in a fluid way, as long as you meet the requirements and configure the program properly for each title. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue.

1. Note: I am running on Windows 10 v1909 - I believe it's fine on earlier Windows versions but I cannot guarantee.

It works now. I recently set this up on my new PC, it’s a lot easier now than it used to be. Outrun 2 is around 1.8gb and runs brilliantly at 4K resolution on both AMD and Nvidia systems. A lot of “problem” games now have shader fixes for graphics cards - for example Outrun 2 now works with AMD cards. Daytona 3 - Does some kind of network test, but then crashes (I did grant it access to the network), Transformers - Works but the cursor is stuck at the top of the screen. You guys have persuaded me to have a play around with this. TeknoParrot developed by Teknogods (Well-renowned with their Call Of Duty emulators), allows you to run “selected” modern arcade titles on your own PC. 1.

A medical student with an endless curiosity, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 Update 5 Eng patched Dump, Gamepad or Steering Wheel (If you use DualShock controllers, you need may need. I was amazed last night as to how good Outrun 2 looked and played, it's gorgeous. It prompts you in the game to use the Change View option to select the original Outrun 2 tracks at various points. I managed it once, on my previous PC many months ago, but I can’t remember what I did and following the guide, I can’t get it to work?! I don't want to throw most console games on this thing as thats silly, maybe only console games that make sense like Streets of Rage style beat em up and some fighting games. Ok Sega Dream Raiders is much more fun if your children play and you stand behind them shaking the chair at the appropriate points! I found I can't play any aracde racing games on emulators using a joypad. 1/ On fibre, download of Outrun file, didn't take more than 10 minutes. TeknoParrot Updater may popup upon launching. I cannot believe the timing of your post, I had pulled out the loft during my clear ancient consoles and was looking at that remembering Outrun in it a couple of nights ago. If you change to using XInput in the Game Settings, then don't forget to re-do your controller settings for the game, as they will be blanked out. X-Input allows the use of Xbox 360 controllers. (it's to do with hacking the game to run in higher resolutions than originally intended, and this then causes the sun's position and strength to be adjusted incorrectly), 2. This file is hardcoded for a resolution of something like 800x480 and has problems with shadows if run on PC. We do not seek any C&D’s and legal battles. Sounds right up my street but I can't find the roms, so don't know how well it works on my average old PC. TeknoParrot has multiple modules, and each one needs updating. We’re developers of several PC game mods. Adding new features to the games (that were not in the original game) takes time and we do it in our spare time as our hobby. Powered by Invision Community. To restart Story mode, delete “openprogress.sav”.

(x86 or x64) Open Source version of TeknoParrot by NTA, avail and Reaver. Download the file outurn2_nv_shaderfix_jennifer.7z from this post and extract the files into the location you have extracted OR2 to. 2. For a particular era of arcade games (2005 up to the present day), the games ran on PC hardware and were written in regular PC code. Then find and select the Jennifer file you noted in the previous post. I too have nvidia graphics, and got outrun2 running in full screen with my G29 wheel without any glitches.

There doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason as to which game file is the executable, and there are some issues that make no sense to me at all. Despite using other cars, the game progression will always be the last completed mission. Can we use this thread to share any troubleshooting tips? Yes, there's a file you need. I'd suggest cross referencing that hardware it supports with their wikipedia pages  to see how your pc stacks up against them. Anyone know how to fix? I also have Daytona 3, Initial D 8, Chase HQ2, Sega Rally 3, Afterburner Climax and Virtua Fighter 5 and they all run brilliantly. I can't give you an exact, but I ran both on 8GB of DDR3, a FX6300 and a GT610. However, i would recommend you download the English patched dump. Extract discord-rpc.dll (win32-dynamic\bin\discord-rpc.dll) into TeknoParrotUI's bin folder. Then do TeknoParroN2 update. You're effectively running PC games on your PC, so it's far less demanding than emulation. Still no joy with Daytona 3, I'll leave that for now. I'm surprised there's not a proper set up pack or guide, but this really feels like experimental emulation. I have the latest graphics drivers too. It should prompt you that you have no games setup, and do you want to add one. Outrun 2 is based on Chihiro (which in itself is an original Xbox with a bit more RAM) and the emulation of this is still not great but Outrun 2 SP was released on Lindbergh technology, which is basically PC architecture (an Intel P4 HT 3.0Ghz and NVidia 6800) and then running on Linux. I have only tried this method on a system with an NVIDIA graphic card. Find the window that wants to update the component TeknoParrotUi first and click the Update button. Now I've tried to play the games I've had varying results with different controllers. That's before I realize teknoparrot was a thing. Works in collaboration with TeknoParrotUI. Leave it with me chaps, will sort out some more in-depth info shortly.

I have a 2007 PC with a second hand Nvidia  560Ti graphics card in it. I'll grab my Luigi settings as well. To begin with, download all the required files under Requirements"**. Some games need a patch for AMD graphics, others need a patch for Nvidia. What are the recommended PC Specs for running Initial D 7 and 8 smoothly? And if you can run Outrun 2 in 4K, well....  Glorious! Post by Reaver » Tue May 16, 2017 5:10 pm .


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