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In September of this year, Microsoft announced that they will introduce UTF-8 support in SQL Server 2019. Choosing whether to use UTF-16 or UTF-8 to support your requirements is the next step, and this blog together with the documentation here should provide more clarity on … Why not? Any characters not in the chart above do not offer any space savings, with most of the BMP characters actually taking up more space than they would if using UTF-16 (i.e. Unfortunately, there is very little use for a “_UTF8” encoding given that Data Compression and Clustered Columnstore Indexes are available across all editions of SQL Server. Access Visual Studio, Azure credits, Azure DevOps, and many other resources for creating, deploying, and managing applications. The Surface Headphones feature an integrated dial in The following query will list all of the UTF-8 Collations: There are 5507 total Collations in SQL Server 2019, which is 1552 more than the 3955 that exist in SQL Server 2017. Even use BCP or BULK INSERT. Unfortunately, this feature provides much more benefit to marketing than it does to users. Collations without a version number do not allow checking either the “Supplementary characters” or “Variation selector-sensitive” options. Given that the only way of setting an Instance to use a UTF8 Collation is via an undocumented method, it is quite possible that this has never been tested internally at Microsoft and is not guaranteed to work. software from an external source. They are saying that this can result in up to fifty percent reduction in your storage requirements for you character data. The upcoming SQL Server 2019 support for UTF-8 is referring to the regular columns with data types VARCHAR(), CHAR(), and the like.

you character data. the first 65,536 code points), is a fixed-length encoding because it only deals with single code units. “natural sorting” — “21a” sorts, a new UTF-8-related capability (i.e. Run DBCC CHECKDB. Why devote development resources to it? UTF-8 for SQL Server. This is because NCHAR(10) requires 22 bytes for storage, whereas CHAR(10) requires 12 bytes for the same Unicode string. On the left, you can adjust the level of noise cancelling appropriate to your }. Buffer provided to read column value is too small. Hence the only new Collations are these “_UTF8” Collations. 1-byte) code units to represent characters. …UTF-8 stores Latin text in a compact form compared to UTF-16 but does not provide any advantages for other scripts or even uses more space. Let Her Finish: Voices from the Data Platform, Vol. Yes, this does work. Microsoft’s implementation of Unicode has incomplete, and some incorrect, sort weights. I loved In my next blog I will take you down memory lane with

Changing the Collation of the Instance, the Databases, and All Columns in All User Databases: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? But, that was an acceptable trade-off for its intended use: allowing existing OSes (primarily Unix but soon also Windows) to be Unicode-capable while not breaking any existing functionality. I am not sure about XML data type. This does not check either stored procedure / trigger / function / SQL Agent T-SQL job steps content to see if these datatypes are being used in temporary tables or table variables or permanent tables being created or altered, nor does it check T-SQL code submitted by anything outside of SQL Server (such as your app code). With the first public preview of SQL Server 2019, we announced support for the widely used UTF-8 character encoding as an import or export encoding, and as database-level or column-level collation for string data.

value 0x1234 is stored as 0x3412). like refrigerators and thermostats.

This is the only scenario where UTF-8 is better for both space and performance. Whether I use it just to cancel UTF-8 will be significant, we need to go back to some basics for a refresher. Because they are making it even harder to move away from). Speaking at Community Events - More Thoughts. If you execute the query above, do you notice anything missing? there is a very large potential here for customers to hurt their systems by misunderstanding the appropriate uses and drawbacks of UTF-8, and applying it to data that will end up taking more space and/or will be an unneccesary performance hit. UTF-8 is another Unicode encoding which uses between one and four 8-bit (i.e. So you can imagine my conflicted feelings when And this statement (same as the first CREATE statement directly above, but including an INDEX on the [Name] column): Msg 12357, Level 16, State 158, Line XXXXX. The introduction of UTF-8 to SQL Server

a tour of Unicode. would do better data compression than the best-case for UTF-8, would not have the potential for customers to accidentally bloat their systems or degrade performance without even getting any space savings. Let’s start with what we are told about this new feature. The primary reason to use UTF-8 should be to maintain ASCII transparency, not to achieve compression. 2 new bugs found (or at least reported, though they were likely present prior to this CTP) by Erland Sommarskog: 6 definite bugs, and 1 potential bug, still to fix (to be fair, I have been told that they are working on a binary UTF-8 collation, so that is at least something), this really only benefits a small subset of use cases / customers, operations requirining in-memory conversion to UTF-16 are slower (generally) than using. Sony and Bose, and Microsoft has matched them in sound and noise cancelling. touch control. more important as we continue to generate terabytes of data from everyday items 1. NVARCHAR , being a Unicode datatype, can represent all characters, but at a cost: each character is typically 2 bytes. UTF-8 Encodings (introduced in the upcoming SQL Server 2019). This is because it was able to store the first half of the Surrogate Pair (the 0x3CD8), which is meaningless on its own, but it is still a valid byte sequence. FROM 'E:\T_TABLE_NAME.TXT' WITH ( FIRSTROW = 2, CODEPAGE = 65001 ); Fixing these issues requires dropping, recreating, and reloading any affected tables. Adding support for UTF-8 is certainly interesting. UTF-16, which uses the exact same code units as UCS-2, can use certain combinations of two of those code units (called Surrogate Pairs) to map the non-BMP characters (i.e. NVARCHAR ). Once we are all back up to speed on the things we learned a century ago when we

So, within the context of SQL Server, UTF-8 has the potential for helping a very specific, but not unimportant, use case: NVARCHAR(MAX) columns, where Unicode Compression doesn’t work.

The documentation states that the “_UTF8” Collations do not work with In-memory OLTP. newly discovered bug (probably existed in CTP 2.0 as well, but I only found it after installing CTP 2.1): Indexes on memory-optimized tables will not be dropped and recreated, and so in many cases they will be out of order (i.e. Assistant.

I don’t know what technical issues are getting in the way of implementing Unicode Compression for NVARCHAR(MAX) , but given how much will break (or will at least be clunky) in making UTF-8 work, I have a hard time believing that this far better alternative would have been any worse. This is by design, but not really a reason for SQL Server to use it for storing data internally.

In September of this year, Microsoft announced that Comparison, sorting, and manipulation of character strings that use a UTF8 collation is not supported with memory optimized tables. The query will work the same regardless of whether or not the current database uses a “_UTF8” Collation. For some time now, many of us have struggled with data that is mostly standard US-English / ASCII characters but also needs to allow for the occasional non-ASCII character. UTF-8 is a great choice for scenarios where there is: a desire to at least save space when most data is standard ASCII anyway.

Even though it is Unicode, due to working 8-bits at a time, this encoding is considered VARCHAR data. But that has nothing to do with UTF-8, so we can ignore it for now ( , but please vote for Make Latin1_General_(100)_CI_AS the default collation for US English). The reason why UTF-8 (as an encoding, irrespective of SQL Server) was created was to address compatibility (with existing ASCII-based systems) 1 , not efficiency (of space or speed) 2 .

A powerful, low-code platform for building apps quickly, Get the SDKs and command-line tools you need, Use the development tools you know—including Eclipse, IntelliJ, and Maven—with Azure, Continuously build, test, release, and monitor your mobile and desktop apps. wondering why the competitors hadn’t already introduced this. All rights reserved. It is suitable for processing, but it is significantly more complex to process than UTF-16…, Unicode Compression working for NVARCHAR(MAX), prevent seeks on indexed VARCHAR columns when compared to Unicode data, Make Latin1_General_(100)_CI_AS the default collation for US English, Two collation problems with external tables in SQL 2019.


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